Tax consultancy

Tax consultancy for us is - besides the creation of tax declarations and tax compensation applications - the representation to the finances management, company inspectors, financial courts and the Federal Fiscal Court - tax planning and the development of tax strategies, especially:

  • Purposeful development of the
    annual balance sheet in the legal framework
  • Tax consultancy in regard to the legal form,
    company succession, company and share acquisition
  • Tax consultancy on the basis
    of transition laws and transition tax laws
  • Tax arrangements in cases of rehabilitation
  • International tax law
  • Tax arrangements with the help of
    additional balances for private limited companies
  • Tax arrangements with leasing, factoring,
    rental and sale-lease-back possibilities
  • Dealing with special questions in proceedings
  • Tax arrangements in heritages
  • Creating balances by US-GAAP or IAS