Subsistence consultancy

Subsistence and rehabilitation consultancy we SGK auditors and tax consultants understand as a set of consulting services that will help you to secure your company and to reorganize it in a possible crisis.

Our consulting approach, therefore, discern between consultation to avoid the business crisis (subsistence consultancy) in events to tackle the corporate crisis (rehabilitation consultancy).

Over time, many companies show weaknesses that compromise the existence of the company. Accumulation of these problems can lead the company to fail in the market. More than half of all companies are suffering downfall within the first five years.

We help you to recognize the emerging weaknesses and countermeasures, before you suffer shipwreck. In our experience, the most common reasons are the downfall of a company in:

  • Errors in preparing the foundation
  • A too low equity ceiling
  • The market has misjudged (competition underestimated, demand overestimated)
  • The management has failed in company planning, monitoring and control.

Our assistance in preparing a business avoids many mistakes and a later failure of the company. It includes e.g. the establishment of a detailed business plan and the detailed planning of the legal form. Through our ways of accessing databases, we may use industry metrics for planning and avoid "surprises" in the future. Using these databases allow to assess the industry and the markets more easily and better.

For getting capital we support you in the procurement of funds:

  • Equity assistance programs of the federal and state government
  • Equity financing (silent participations)
  • Venture capital
  • Subordinated loans
  • Factoring und
  • Leasing and last but not least
  • Funding from the federal, provincial and municipal government (e.g. Regional Economic Development in the framework of the joint task "Improving regional economic structures", or "KfW's capital for labour, investment allowances under the Investment Act, R & D project funding, etc.).

With the help of the early warning DATEV eG, we support you in sub-annual monitoring and analysis of your booking and final data by the definition of signal values. This allows us to respond together with you to abnormalities in the development of the economic situation and / or the booking patterns. Control and management of your company will improve significantly with the implementation of this early warning system.

The definition of signal values determines individually unusual borders and target ranges tailored to your business, which can then be reviewed each month by us in an automated process.

For negative deviations, we show you measures and action alternatives that help you achieve the criteria laid down again.

By linking the monthly analysis of microeconomics (BWA) with the data of business planning, you will receive a monthly analysis of the deviations of plan and actual data. Significant deviations from the plan can be identified and thus eliminate its causes.