Non profit organizations consultancy

Non profit organizations have a lot of special features compared to economic enterprises. A wide variety of business processes of non profit organizations are also increasingly relevant for tax purposes.

Our consulting approach is focused on the following problem areas:

  • Funding and financing through membership fees,
    material donations, cash donations and sponsorships
  • Funds, particularly timely use of funds, eligibility of building reserves, assessment of projects in the field of implementation of the Statute purposes
  • Securing the exemption from compliance with the restrictions and legal requirements while respecting the statutory purposes
  • Issues in the field of commercial business enterprise
  • Design of payroll tax related issues in wage
    and salary employees of for-profit organization
  • Design for VAT relevant service relationships
    with business partners

Not only tax aspects of public welfare institutions are characterized by legal regulations, decisions, decrees and orders of the finance and financial management. Even business management issues in the field of finance and investment, construction and operational structure come under the attack of members and the public. Here in particular the efficient and appropriate use of monetary and material donations is the focus of attention.

We are able to analyze with our clients, the legal, business and tax situation to identify the necessary actions needed to derive measures by applying the latest analytical techniques and technical aids.

For complex issues, we can immediately accomplish a team of tax consultants, accountants, certified accountants and lawyers to develop a tailor-made solution. This will ensure that explosives also an economical and effective way of working.

Our range of services in the field of public advisory bodies includes the following services:

  • Tax and legal issues related to the restructuring of non profit corporations
  • Support and involvement in the preparation of financial statements
  • Audit of financial statements
  • Creation of business advice
  • Preparation of tax returns as well as representation and assistance to the fiscal authorities and
  • Funding advice