Legal advice

For us it is natural that we advise our clients also legally competent. We have iur cooperation and shared offices with the office of Attorney Mag. Susen Knabner. Mrs Knabner is born on 10/12/1978 in Marienberg, Saxony. She studied from 1997 to 2001 in Dresden. After completion of the traineeship and a semi-annual international activity in the law firm of Chris Brand Attorneys in Windhoek, Namibia, she founded her firm in a shared office with SGK Kaufbeuren.

She has specialized in the areas of business law and inheritance law, in which she also performs for the local courts. Within the framework of commercial law it is our clients in all areas of law relevant to medium-sized businesses available. Thus, the areas of corporate law, business succession, business leases, family law for entrepreneurs, corporate reorganization plan to bankruptcy proceedings and representation of the entrepreneur to be covered in the bankruptcy proceedings. Of course she is also active in the areas of general civil law. To strengthen her law firm they employed since February 2010 Mrs Iris Reisch, lawyer in the areas of family law, rental and traffic law and general civil law. The recovery and the general order for payment to be perceived by Luba Betz. Since 2010, Mrs Knabner additionally as a consultant for the VR Collegals operates and trains in Memmingen banking business administrator in the field of banking law.

Volunteering is Mrs Knabner at the Junior Chamber, the largest association of young entrepreneurs and managers. So she was in the years 2009 and 2010, regional spokeswoman for the region of Swabia, in the years 2010 and 2011, district spokeswoman for Kaufbeuren and Ostallgäu, legal advice since 2010 and worked as JCI General Legal Counsel at Bayern e.V.

Through the Community Office for the clients we ensure short paths and expert advice, particularly through the integration of law and tax law. The processing of a hand leads to more efficient and cost effective advice.

Mag iur.
Susen Knabner
Hauberrisserstr. 1
87600 Kaufbeuren
Tel: (08 341) 9010-0
Fax: (08 341), 9010-80

The advisory activities, our underlying relevant regulations are the Professional Code of Conduct (BRAO) and the Lawyers' Fees Act (RVG).

For the lawyers, the Bar Association in Munich, Tal 33, 80331 Munich, is responsible.

In addition, we have been working for many years together with our partner
Derra, Meyer & Partner, lawyers, so that we can help you even with complex legal issues.