International tax consultancy

Not only large companies but increasingly also
medium and small businesses are on the road to globalization.

This means for us that our range of consulting services may relate not only to the national tax law. By acceding to an international network of tax advisers, accountants and lawyers, even years ago we set the course for a steady growing consulting with foreign relations.

The membership in INAA (international network of accountants and auditors) allows us to rely on a network of colleagues in all major industrial countries in the world.

We are therefore in a position to advise our clients when exporting to other countries, in the establishment of services and permanent establishments abroad, in the acquisition or sale of foreign companies, joint ventures and strategic alliances with foreign companies, in the design of transfer pricing the group as well as all other cross-border tax issues.

Here you are free to access directly to the partner abroad or let our tax consultant coordinate foreign tax consultancy.

The risk of suffering for double taxation in cross-border supply and service relationship has increased dramatically in recent years. Certainly it is no longer enough to wait for the complaints of the tax authorities and then react to it. The companies with business abroad are required to act in order to avoid tax disadvantages.