Consulting the public

Rising costs for declining revenues force the local authorities and their institutions and companies either to reduce operating expenses or to develop new revenue streams.

Other fees and charges generally can not be imposed to the citizens, especially since the citizens expect more efficiency from public funds.

As a way the public sector is increasingly trying to privatize public responsibilities. Its actions will not only by economic but also by political and budgetary (as in the performance of statutory duties) and municipal law specifications.

The advantage of privatization may be, for example, the shift of the competencies which can lead to a faster and more efficient action.

The aim of privatization may also increase efficiency by removing the relevant activities from the budget.

This results in tension between economically meaningful corporate governance on the one hand and political interests of the other. It is therefore necessary that the politically influenced decision-making bodies before the final decision on privatization receive validated information on the impact of organizational change.

Decision that are made by the bodies we can assist by comparative modelling calculation of the current status of one or various organizational alternatives.

Customers of this consulting segment include cities, municipalities, counties, municipal associations - in particular, waste and wastewater syndicates - utility companies, public utilities, trade fairs, port operators, tourism, mining companies and hospitals.

Due to our long-standing know-how's we are in a position to offer a qualified and comprehensive advice within the following special areas:

  • Energy
  • Drinking water, wastewater and waste management
  • All other municipal and public duties
  • Investment and finance in the public sector

Tax consultancy in the municipal sector and in particular in restructuring and (partial) privatization is of particular importance, since the tax implications may be different for the same economic activity. Sales tax, the problem of hidden profit and distributions to charitable and non profit issues here are a key issue.

In addition to the tax laws the interfaces to other areas must be considered. This extends our consulting from the audit (which includes the examination under ยง 53 HGrG) on business to legal advice. Legal advice here is perceived by our partners.