The business audit, we perceive through the especially for this purpose created CSSS Auditnet Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft GmbH, Königstein and Heidenau.

More complex environments and technologies, constantly changing markets and the increasing globalization of the economy lead to profound changes for your business and your risk environment. Accountants / Certified Accountants are expected to plan and perform auditing according to these changed conditions.
The services of SGK Auditnet GmbH include classical tasks of accountants like:

  • Legal and voluntary balance checking
  • Legal and voluntary special checking
  • Checking according to US-GAAP or IAS
  • Court and private appraisals
  • System checking based on electronic data processing
  • Examination of special balances on the occasion of start ups,
    transformations, fusions, arguments, liquidations, comparisons and bankruptcy
  • Assessments of company value, as decision making aid for the trading shares
  • Production of evaluation appraisals with arguments, fusions and the conclusion of enterprise contracts

Equally important we also see the tasks of company and manager consulting.
That is why we turn the above information into analysis of the individual business activities. We can also give suggestive for improvements and indicate solutions for problems.